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Buy the only USA grown chia seeds.
we are a family farm growing, testing & packaging our chia in kentucky! 

Heartland Chia Plant

USA Chia Seeds

No matter if it is 12 oz. retail packages for home use or 2,000 pound totes for commercial applications, it’s important to know where your food comes from. Heartland Chia seeds go directly from our fields to you, providing you with a premium product that is safety tested and 100% traceable. 

All of Our Chia Is


- Grown and packaged in the USA 

- Ideal choice for food manufacturers 

- Perfect for personal use at home 

- Non-GMO

- Gluten Free

- Kosher 

- Low moisture

- Food safe for direct consumption

Heartland Chia Seeds
U.S. Grown Chia Is Truly Sustainable 

Our chia comes with quality certifications and testing to meet U.S. food-safety standards. Each bag is 100% traceable to the field it which it was grown. We have the second generation of family farmers to our Oak Hill Farms crew!

Heartland Chia Plant
Chia Seed Recipes & Tips 


Chia has so many health benefits, and it's easy to include our product into your daily diet! Check out our recipes and tips to learn how!

Love chia? Submit your favorite recipe, and we'll give you credit for it on our website or our social media! 

Heartland Chia
Buy Our Chia for Home Use

We’re all natural, 100% non-GMO, and grow using sustainable farming practices in order to preserve and improve our natural resources for future generations.

Heartland Chia
We accept: 
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