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Great Source of Omega-3

Naturally Gluten Free

Good Source of Fiber




Founded by farmers in 2012, Heartland Chia has developed and marketed locally grown chia from the USA. Heartland Chia is owned by the farmers who are growing the FIRST EVER LOCAL CHIA in the midwestern United States and we want you to know where your chia is coming from! We produce some of the highest quality chia in the world - right here in the USA - and want everyone to have knowledge about this nutritious superfood. 


Chia needs much less water and fertilizer than traditional crops, making it a truly sustainable pollinator crop which benefits the environment as well as the bees and butterflies. Our mission is to provide better opportunities for farmers, while providing food manufacturers and consumers with healthier food choices.  


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USA Grown Chia Seed

Heartland Chia USA grown chia seeds farm in kentucky
Heartland Chia USA grown chia seed plant

Heartland Chia is a farmer owned company, growing and marketing the ONLY chia seed grown in the U.S.A. We hold the exclusive license to the only chia that will grow in the United States. We are growing new lines of Early Flowering Chia with family farmers in multiple states across the country. Want to know where your chia is grown? We can trace it back to the field it was grown in. 

Chia has long been recognized for its health benefits and more recently as a superfood.  A recent publication from the Mayo Clinic listed the following health benefits from consuming chia seed and declared that chia is one of the few foods truly deserving of the label “superfood”:

  • Chia seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients with very few calories

  • Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants

  • Almost all the carbs are in the fiber which helps stabilize blood sugar levels

  • Chia seeds are a high quality protein

  • Because of the fiber and protein content chia seeds should help with weight loss

  • Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Chia seeds may lover the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  They have shown major improvements in cholesterol and type 2 diabetes

  • They are high in many important bone nutrients

  • Chia seeds can improve athletic performance as much as a sports drink

From our fields to your table! 

Heartland Chia offers the first and only chia grown in the Midwest! Our chia is 100% non-GMO and grown using sustainable production practices on family farms in the U.S.

Our chia comes with U.S. food safety and quality certifications meeting U.S. food-safety standards. Our chia is offered with 100% traceability to the field it was grown in. You can even meet the farmer who grew it.

U.S. grown chia is truly a sustainable and even a restorative crop that can help heal the land and environment.  

  • Chia has much lower input needs compared to conventional crops as it needs less water (about 50%), uses much less fertilizer (about 75% less), can be grown using no-till, and brings biodiversity (a new crop unlike the ones grown now) to crop rotations which breaks disease and insect cycles naturally without having to use pesticides.

  • Chia is also a pollinator crop that bees and butterflies love when blooming

  • Helps family farms by offering a better opportunity for both profitability and environmental stewardship.

We believe there is a great new story to tell with a sustainable crop opportunity that helps farmers improve the land they farm, helps bees and butterflies, and allows the next generation to come back to the family farm all while providing healthier food for us consumers.

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